Submitting your documents just got easier.

Submitting your documents just got easier.

Upload Documents Online

You can now submit forms and requests quickly and securely using Card Services Online Documents Upload.

Speedy Delivery

Speedy Delivery

Faster delivery of documents to us.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Documents are received securely by the bank.



Submit your documents at a time that’s convenient to you.

What documents are accepted via Document Upload?

The following requests types and documents are currently accepted.

Important: If you have a request type that is not shown in the table, the appropriate method to return is provided directly on the form.

  • Request Type

    Accepted documents

  • Customer Investigation Request

    Completed Dispute Request form

    All relevant supporting documents

  • Authorised Person Request

    Completed Appointment of Authorised Person Form

    All relevant supporting documents

  • Collections

    Any document requested by the Collections team

  • Hardship Assistance

    Any document requested by the Hardship team

  • Direct Debit Request

    Completed Easi-Pay form signed by all relevant account holders

Important – Your privacy is important to us. In order to maintain your privacy, please ensure that you only provide us with information and/or documentation that is necessary for us to process your request.

Do not upload personal identification documents such as passport or driver's licence

How to submit your documents:

  • STEP 1

    STEP 1:

    • Print and complete the required form or complete a written request.
    • Ensure all information on the form is completed and you have any supporting documents ready to submit.
  • STEP 2

    STEP 2:

    • Scan or take a picture of the completed document, including any supporting documents.
    • You can choose to take a picture with your phone if you do not have a scanner available.
    • Please ensure the document image is clear.
    • Some forms can be also completed online and saved as PDF.
  • STEP 3

    STEP 3:

    • Sign on to your Card Services Online Account.
    • Go to SERVICES menu, Card Services>Additional Card Services>Document Upload and submit your document.
Open Document Upload >>

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Document Upload?

Document Upload is available for Card Services Credit Card account holders.

What document file types are accepted?

Valid file types are – PDF, DOC, JPEG (or JPG) and PNG.

Is there a limit on the size of files?

Yes – each file uploaded will need to be below the maximum size of 6MB. You will be able to upload a maximum of 3 documents per request.

How long will my request take to complete?

The time needed to action your request will vary depending on the type of request. We will generally complete the requests within 2-4 business days.

Can I check the status of my request?

Yes, if you have made the request via Card Services Online. To check the status of your request, log in to Card Services Online and go to Card Services>Additional Card Services>Document Upload. The status of your request will be shown in the Uploaded Documents section.