Card Services understands that you may experience a sudden change in your life causing financial hardship.

We are here to understand your situation and tailor our solutions to best suit your individual needs.

So whether your situation is caused by unemployment, injury or illness, divorce, a natural disaster or an unexpected reduction in your income, we are here to help you get back on track.

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Reach out to our Debt Management Solutions Team on:

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We are available on the above contact numbers 9am-9pm, Monday - Friday (AEST) except public holidays.

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How can Card Services support me?

We have a range of tools that can help you manage your payments over the short and long term, to fit your new circumstances. This can include:

• Varying levels of payments

• Frequency of payments

How can I apply for Hardship Assistance?

There will be many reasons why you may require assistance from us. This can include but is not limited to:

Medical Conditions, Reduction in Income, Unemployment/ Redundancy, Divorce/ Separation, Property Settlement, Incarceration, Natural Disaster or Unexpected Expenses

STEP 1: Submit or Call

Please provide us with detailed information about your current financial situation. You can do this by filling out a Personal Financial Summary form and email it to by attaching it in a pdf or image format.

Alternatively call our Debt Management Solutions team on 1800 722 879 from 9am-9pm, Monday - Friday (AEST) except public holidays, and we can help you complete the Personal Financial Summary (PFS) form over the phone.

STEP 2: We will Review

Once we have your completed PFS form we will review the information provided in conjunction with any information we already hold with us.

STEP 3: We will contact you (if we need more information)

You may need to provide us with some of the following documentation to support your application for assistance, this may include but is not limited to:

  • Doctors Certificate
  • Medical report
  • Centrelink Disability Statement
  • Work Cover Certificate
  • Hospital Report
  • Copy of medical related bill(s)
  • Current payslip
  • Payslip prior to income reduction
  • Centrelink Statement
  • Current year and prior years tax return
  • Letter from Accountant confirming income reduction
  • Separation certificate from employer
  • Court documents supporting divorce
  • Letter from solicitor
  • Copy of Contract of Sale
  • Letter from Real Estate verifying property has sold / is on the market
  • Copy of property advertisement
  • Letter from solicitor confirming incarceration, and length of incarceration
  • Police or Court report confirming incarceration
  • Letter from a Justice of Peace confirming incarceration, and length of incarceration
  • Statements from other debtors reflecting balance and Min due or
  • Copy of unexpected bill(s) or
  • Copy of finance approval or pre-approval letter
  • Letter from Real estate agent confirming recent rent income loss
  • Copy of expenses incurred (e.g. funeral costs)

The sooner that we are provided any supporting documentation, the sooner we can complete our review and get back to you.

STEP 4: Assistance Program Offering

Once your PFS and any requested supporting documentation have been received and reviewed, we will work with you to implement an appropriate Assistance Program to meet your needs.

We have a range of tools that can help you manage your payments over the short and long term, to fit your new circumstances. This can include:

  • Varying levels of payments
  • Frequency of payments
I have already applied

If at any stage you feel we have not been able to assist you or provided you with assistance that will help your current situation, please feel free to email with any further information that we can take into consideration.

Alternatively you can contact our Customer Advocacy Unit on or 1300 135 538. Our Complaints process can be found here:

Outside Support

You can get free independent counselling and advice from a Financial Counsellor.

For a comprehensive listing of Financial Counsellors please visit the FCA website:

To talk to a Financial Counsellor by phone (or for referral) ring 1800 007 007 from anywhere in Australia.

You can also access their self help website

You can also get information from the following websites:



For Financial Counsellors

Contact Debt Management Solutions 1800 100 823

9am-5pm, Monday - Friday (AEST) except public holidays


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