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Introducing the Fixed Payment Option. Apply for an instalment plan at a lower rate.

What is a Fixed Payment Option?

You can lock in a lower fixed rate on your credit card and repay in fixed Monthly Instalments over a select period of your choice.

Take advantage of a Fixed Payment Option in two ways:

Convert a purchase

Convert a purchase

Make or select a purchase (or combine up to 5
purchases) made on your credit card. Each purchase
must be $500 or more and must not have appeared on
your statement yet.

Request cash

Request cash

Nominate an amount of $500 or more within your available
credit limit to be sent to you as a cheque. Enjoy the things
you want now, knowing that you've locked in a lower interest
rate over a fixed term of your choice.

Missed Monthly Instalments will be charged the standard Annual Percentage Rate applicable to your account.

To find out whether there is a Fixed Payment Option offer currently available to you as well as the available interest rate,
sign in to Card Services Online and go to: Offers > Credit Card.

Please note this offer is subject to eligibility criteria and Terms & Conditions apply.

Benefits of a Fixed Payment Option

Save on interest

You can access a lower rate than your standard Annual Percentage Rate on your credit card.

As you repay the amount, your credit becomes available again to use for your next big purchase.

Monthly Instalments

With fixed Monthly Instalments, you know exactly how much you will be paying every month for the Fixed Payment Option amount requested.

Use our calculator to see how much your Monthly Instalments could be.


You can choose to pay the Fixed Payment Option amount off earlier without early repayment fees. There are also no monthly or annual service fees.

Interest free days

You can still enjoy interest free days on your other purchases made outside the Fixed Payment Option when you continue to pay your closing balance off in full for each statement period less any Fixed Payment Option outstanding^.

How to set up a Fixed Payment Option

How to set up a Fixed Payment Option

Sign in to your Card Services Online account at then go to: Offers > Credit Card.

Select a recent purchase (or combine up to 5), or request a cheque within your available credit limit. Each purchase or cash request must be $500 or more.

Select from the repayment terms available and save on interest with a fixed lower rate*.

Enjoy what you want now and budget with certainty with fixed monthly repayments.

An additional section is added to your statement called Fixed Payment Option Summary, which will outline the details of your
Fixed Payment Option(s) including your Monthly Instalment amount.

You can check the status of your Fixed Payment Option at anytime by logging into Card Services Online.

Calculate what your repayments could be

Enter Rate
% p.a.
Select an amount up to your available credit limit
  • $500
  • $500 $30,000
  • $30,000
Enter your preferred repayment term

Your Fixed Payment Option Monthly Instalments# would be

#The calculator shows the estimated fixed Monthly Instalment amount at 12.99% p.a. over 12 months, for the amount inputted into the calculator. This repayment amount assumes minimum instalments are paid by the Payment Due Date each month. It does not take into account other purchases and cash advances subject to interest at the Annual Percentage Rates.

Please note, if the monthly instalment isn't made by the Payment Due Date, the instalment amount will be charged at the standard Annual Percentage Rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Fixed Payment Option
Q.What is a Fixed Payment Option?
A. A Fixed Payment Option allows you to take advantage of an interest rate lower than the standard rate you currently pay on your credit card account for a fixed term of your choice. This rate will apply to a cheque request of $500 or more up to your available credit limit, or selected unbilled retail purchases of $500 each or more (up to 5 unbilled retail transactions at one time). You select the amounts then select your preferred available repayment term. The Fixed Payment Option is an offer and is subject to your eligibility at the time of processing.

Cheque requests: by requesting cash as part of a Fixed Payment Option, you can access funds from your credit card up to your available credit limit and spend it however you like. It will be sent to you in the form of a cheque.

Retail purchase requests: by assigning a retail purchase to a Fixed Payment Option, the lower interest rate means that you could save on monthly interest (if you are not paying your balance off in full each statement period) that you would otherwise pay as a result of the standard interest rate currently on your account.

Setting up a Fixed Payment Option results in fixed monthly repayment amounts that are rolled into the Minimum Payment Due amount on your monthly statement. You pay the Fixed Payment Option off with Monthly Instalment amounts over your chosen term, which means by the end of your fixed term, you would have paid the full amount off entirely provided you've met all your repayments.
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Setting up a Fixed Payment Option
Managing your Repayments on a Fixed Payment Option
Managing your Fixed Payment Option

Important Information

*The Fixed Payment Option is subject to eligibility, account status, available credit limit and for cash requests, the available cash limit. For full Terms and Conditions of your Fixed Payment Option refer to the Credit Card Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information.

*Savings assumes that you are or will be incurring interest at the Annual Percentage Rate on any retail purchases before they are converted to a Fixed Payment Option or that you would incur an interest rate which is higher than the Fixed Payment Option rate for any cash requested. The savings also assumes that once the Fixed Payment Option has been setup, you pay the Monthly Instalments by the payment due date each month.

^The maximum interest free period applies when you pay your closing balance off in full, less any Fixed Payment Option amount, for two consecutive months by the payment due date. If you carry a balance on your credit card from month to month (exclusive of the Fixed Payment Option amount), the interest free period does not apply and you are charged interest from the purchase date. No interest free period is available on Cash Advances or when you have Balance Transfers.